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Wednesday, February 05, 2014 Get Your Hands on the New Dunlop Racquets!

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By Matt Locke

Winter is in the air and that means exciting things for tennis players! It is that magical time of year when new products begin to come out seemingly every week. From racquets and strings to bags and clothes, every player has something to look forward to. Players who are fans of Dunlop are no exception. Dunlop is gearing up to freshen more of their Biomimetic line of frames. There will be new entries in the 2.0 series, an all-new 4.0 line and additions to the 6.0 and 7.0 model lines. That covers a wide range of abilities and play styles. Let’s take a quick look at each of new models...

For aggressive swinging players who love the precision and control of the 2.0 series but are after something in an easier swinging weight range, Dunlop has the answer with the new Biomimetic S 2.0 Lite (right). This frame utilizes the same 95 square inch head size, resulting in maximum precision and control. Weight is reduced to 10.4oz (unstrung). This reduction in weight, combined with Aeroskin CX technology gives the frame a lighter, faster feel through the air while still having enough mass to hit a heavy ball. The new racquet also keeps the classically head light balance, making it ultra maneuverable at the net for quick volleys. The 16x19 string pattern yields a good mix of control and spin potential. Dunlop helps improve power and spin by using MoS2 grommets that reduce friction on the strings for better string movement. Player comfort is addressed through the reduction in weight and the use of Biofibre in the shaft in order to filter unwanted vibrations on impact. The Biomimetic S 2.0 Lite will be a great fit for control oriented players seeking a classic playing frame that comes in at an easier to swing weight class.

dunlop S 2.0
Aggressive baseliners will have a powerful new weapon at their disposal with Dunlop introducing the new Biomimetic F 4.0 Tour. The racquet has a 100 square inch head size, giving it a large sweet spot with plenty of power. The power level also gets boosted thanks to the frame’s 23-24-23varibale beam width and slightly increased stiffness over the previous model version. Players will find a racquet capable of hitting a heavy shot thanks to the racquets 10.9oz (unstrung) weight. The frame is head light, ensuring that it is easy to whip through contact and is maneuvered easily when finishing up at the net. This racquet also incorporates Dunlop’s Aeroskin CX and MoS2 grommet technologies for increased maneuverability and string response. Biofibre construction ensures a clean feel by reducing vibrations on contact. Players seeking an aggressive, powerful racquet capable of finishing from anywhere on the court should put the Biomimetic F 4.0 Tour on their list.

Players who want an all court capable racquet that is easy to swing should enjoy the new Biomimetic M 4.0. It shares the same 100 square inch head size as the rest of the line, giving it ample power and a generous sweet spot. The M version has slightly higher stiffness than the F version, giving it a slightly higher power capability. Aeroskin CX ensures the racquet has a light and fast feel through the air. The racquet weighs in at 10.4oz (unstrung), making it light enough for many players to swing while still offering enough mass to attack and defend with confidence. This model is still balanced head light making it a capable performer around the net. The 16x19 string pattern ensures a healthy mix of spin and control while MoS2 grommets boost power and spin by lowering friction on the strings. The increased stiffness is offset by the use of Biofibre in the shaft to tune out unwanted vibrations and increase comfort and feel. Developing players and players seeking a versatile all court frame will enjoy what the Biomimetic M 4.0 offers. dunlop biomimetic m 4.0
Biomimetic S 4.0 Lite For players who like the power level of the 4.0 series but have shorter strokes or need a lighter package, Dunlop has the answer with the Biomimetic S 4.0 Lite. The frame keeps the same 100 square inch head size for a generous sweet spot and a forgiving feel. Feel is further enhanced with the use of Biofibre to filter out vibrations on contact. Weight is reduced to 9.52oz (unstrung) making this racquet quick to bring through contact. Aeroskin CX and Anatomic Construction help reduce drag through the air, adding the frame’s fast feel. In addition to the light weight, the racquet maintains a head light balance, resulting in a quick reacting frame during exchanges at the net. Spin production is balanced with a good level of precision thanks to the 16x19 string pattern. Dunlop’s MoS2 grommet system is present, ensuring increased power and spin by reducing string friction which also aids in string life. The Biomimetic S 4.0 Lite is a great choice for players with shorter strokes and those seeking a platform frame with plenty of room to modify to their desired specs.

Dunlop follows the “think pink” mantra by introducing the Biomimetic S 6.0 Lite Pink. This is a visual update/addition to the existing S 6.0 Lite. The racquet has a 105 square inch head size, giving it a forgiving string bed with a generous sweet spot. There is plenty of power on tap thanks to the 24-26-24 beam width and stiffer construction. The power level is kept comfortable by the use of Biofibre in the shaft to filter out vibration. The 9.7oz (unstrung) weight makes it light and easy to swing while Aeroskin CX reduces drag through the air. Power and stability are enhanced by the head heavy balance of the frame. Its low weight makes it easy to bring into position at the net and the increased head size gives players plenty of real estate on stretch volleys. There is also an extra ¼ inch of length here, giving players a bit of extra leverage on ground strokes and serves. The frame’s 16x19 string pattern combines with MoS2 grommets for a string bed with good amounts of power and spin. The Biomimetic S 6.0 Lite Pink is a solid choice for players seeking a powerful racquet that emphasizes comfort and forgiveness. Oh and did I mention it comes in pink? Dunlop Biomimetic S 4.0 Lite Pink
biomimetic s 7.0 lite For players with short strokes looking for reach and power, Dunlop has you covered with the new Biomimetic S 7.0 Lite. This frame has large sweet spot and forgiving string bed thanks to its 110 square inch head size. A thicker beam width of 24-28-26 ensures there is ample power generation. A reduction in stiffness compared to other models ensures that the racquet’s power still plays comfortably. Aeroskin CX and a light weight of 9.24oz (unstrung) ensure that this racquet swings easy. A head heavy balance gives this model a bit more power off the ground while also helping keep the head stable despite its low overall weight. The racquet’s low weight also translates into good maneuverability at net, especially if you are accustomed to the larger head size. Length is extended by a ¼ inch, giving a bit of extra leverage on ground strokes and serves. The 16x19 string pattern is capable of a solid amount of spin and gets a boost from the use of MoS2 grommets. The comfort focus of this frame is further enhanced by the use of Biofibre in the shaft to reduce unwanted vibrations. Players that need a frame that emphasizes comfort and forgiveness while still offering a good level of power and playability would be wise to consider the Biomimetic S 7.0 Lite.
Dunlop has spent the better part of the last 12 – 18 months modernizing much of their racquet lineup. That project continues with introduction of these new frames. By blending their traditional feel and characteristics with innovative new technologies and designs, Dunlop looks poised to provide players of all abilities and needs with racquets that will suit them. So whatever your focus: control, power, spin, comfort or just the need to have something pink; be sure to demo a Dunlop today!


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