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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 Racquet Review of the Week - Dunlop Biomimetic F 3.0 Tour

Dunlop biomimetic f 3.0 tour

As an upgrade from the previous 300 Tour, the Dunlop Biomimetic F 3.0 Tour showcases its stability with improved maneuverability and control, allowing players to be aggressive from all areas of the court. Used by touring professional Jurgen Melzer, the F 3.0 Tour features Dunlop’s Aeroskin CX technology to enhance aerodynamic ability and BioFibre dampening to decrease shock and protect from harmful vibrations. MoS2 grommets reduce friction and allow the strings to have greater movement for increased spin and power. With a new black and red paint job covering the redesigned, rounder head shape, this racquet has a larger sweet spot than the previous 300 model. The F 3.0 Tour would be a great choice for aggressive players with long, quick swings playing at a 4.0 level or above.

Net Play & Serving

This racquet’s maneuverability really shone through at net. With its 10-points head light balance, the F 3.0 was easy to move for quick reaction volleys, allowing me to return balls back with a solid punch and great precision. Like on groundstrokes, this racquet felt really comfortable, and I didn’t notice any instability on off-center volleys. Even my serves had great pop and accurate control. Because the weight distribution is concentrated closer to the grip, I felt like I could generate good racquet head acceleration for greater pace on first serves, especially when hitting them flat. The dense string pattern adds control, so I had no problem placing my serves where I wanted.

Jurgen Melzer

Jurgen Melzer

From the Baseline

From the baseline, the F 3.0 Tour allowed me to aggressively hit out on the ball without worrying about losing control and precision. Groundstrokes felt comfortable and stable, as I didn’t notice any unwanted vibrations or loss in power on off-center shots that were hit outside of the sweet spot. I thought that the racquet was easy to swing through the air, allowing me to generate pace and power even though the F 3.0 is a bit heavier than I am used to. Despite the dense 18x20 string pattern, I felt that I could still create impressive topspin and slice.


The Dunlop Biomimetic F 3.0 Tour is an amazing control frame that has no problem producing just the right amount of power. With an increase in maneuverability from the previous 300 Tour, this racquet is easy to swing from the baseline and is highly mobile up at net. An all-court player with an aggressive game looking for increased control would greatly benefit from this racquet.

About the Reviewer: Melissa Ponder is a former college player who has been playing tennis for over 15 years. She is rated as a 5.5 NTRP player. 

Dunlop Biomimetic F 3.0 Tour


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