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Friday, July 12, 2013 Racquet Review of the Week - Dunlop Biomimetic S 3.0 Lite

dunlop biomimetic s 3.0 lite

Featuring red, white, and grey cosmetics, the Dunlop Biomimetic S 3.0 Lite is constructed with Aeroskin CX technology to enhance aerodynamic efficiency and BioFibre dampening for greater comfort and feel. The S 3.0 Lite has an open string pattern and weighs just under 10 ounces strung, so it is easy to control and create spin. The MoS2 grommet system reduces friction and allows the strings to further provide greater access spin and power. Designed with a rounder head shape than previous 300 models, this racquet also has an enlarged sweet spot. The S3.0 Lite is engineered to provide intermediate and developing players with impressive maneuverability, comfort, and decent power.

Net Play & Serving

This racquet was extremely maneuverable at the net. Its mobility allowed me to react quickly to faster volleys and get to those usually out of reach, while allowing me to punch them back with control and precision. It was fun playing with this racquet up at net because I could easily put away my volleys. On serves, I was able to get fast racquet head acceleration and create good spin on my serves, but I felt that it lacked any notable “pop” that I would typically like in my racquet.

dunlop biomimetic technology

tennis baseline

From the Baseline

The light weight of the S 3.0 Lite made it effortless to generate racquet head acceleration from the baseline. Because of this frame’s maneuverability and open string pattern, it was so easy to put topspin and slice on the ball. I found myself hitting lots of short, angled winners with this racquet. Even though lightweight racquets are typically very powerful, I felt like I needed to create some of my own power with this frame, because its mass is just so small. However, if I hit directly in the sweet spot, depth and pace were not an issue. The super light weight also allowed for quicker set up to hit my groundstrokes, so I had to adjust my timing a bit.


The Biomimetic S 3.0 Lite is a comfortable racquet with great control and spin from its lightweight frame, open string pattern, and mid plus headsize. Overall, I think this model is a pretty versatile racquet from all areas of the court. Its light weight, great control from the baseline, and maneuverability at the net make this racquet a great choice for players with shorter and slower swings.

About the Reviewer: Melissa Ponder is a former college player who has been playing tennis for over 15 years. She is rated as a 5.5 NTRP player.

dunlop biomimetic s 3.0 lite tennis racquet


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