Australian Open Gear

The beams and head shape of the 3.0 series have been redesigned for 2012.  True Oval is Dunlop’s name for a more rounded head shape providing a larger and wider sweet spot and greater spin-generating ability.  The increase in head width from the center upwards gives the player more room to “brush” the ball on the forward swing, increasing the ability to create spin.  Longer strings in this area will also increase the frame’s “trampoline effect” for improved ball pocketing and power.

The original 300 series’ beams were a traditional “box” shape which, while providing solid feel and stability, were an aerodynamic drag (no pun intended).  The new 3.0 beams feature an aerodynamic “wing” shape for a smaller frontal area (portion of the frame directly going at the air).  With a smaller cross-section being buffeted by the wind, racquet speed is increased for greater power and maneuverability.