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GAMMA Aircast Armband

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The Gamma Aircast Armband uses a small aircell that focuses more pressure on the involved muscle and less around the arm. The pressure under the aircell is 50% greater than others under the rest of the bands circumference. The higher concentration means more compression where it is needed, giving the proper refleif while constricting the uninvolved muscles and the flow of blood less. Players looking to relieve their tennis elbow will find that the Gamma Aircast Armband offers superior and comfortable relief without restricting your other muscles.

The Gamma Aircast Armband is one size fits all.

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GAMMA Aircast Armband The Gamma Aircast Armband focuses pressure on the area needing relief. The aircell of the Aircast Armband concentrates on one area without constricting other muscles of the arm for a more comfortable relief. Category: EMPTY Product #: AACA Regular price: $17.50 $ $14.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!