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Head Airflow
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A traditional racquet tends to be head-heavy. By lowering Airflow's balance point to 345 mm, HEAD engineers created unbelievable maneuverability and handling.
The lower balance point, coupled with the lighter weight, creates a smooth transition from set-up to ball contact to follow through.
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Well all know a woman's hand is shaped differently than a man's. HEAD's unique ergonomic grip is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom to best fit the anatomical structure of a woman's hand, reducing twist and torque for more comfort and less strain on the arm.
The result is superior handling and enhanced ball control, especially for the two-handed backhander.
Most women prefer a racquet that feels lighter, but still has the power to put the ball away. Weighing in between 228 and 245 grams, HEAD's Airflow racquets are nearly lighter than traditional counterparts, providing a great pick-up feel while still packing a punch.

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