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Head CXG Comfort Grid Footwear Technology

Developed for top performance shoes for tennis where h i gh shock absorption is needed, provides low profile responsive performance on all playing surfaces. The protective benefits of HEAD CXG™ technology guarantee fantastic shock absorption for less foot fatigue and more comfort in every step, while the responsive benefits assure out standing stability and motion control for enhanced, faster maneuverability.

The core of HEAD CXG™ is a combination of turned polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon and saran fibres that s hape and form an interlocking coil structure, which is then encapsulated within a resilient polyurethane form. When the foot makes contact with the ground, the encapsulated coil fibres are compressed, absorbing shock. Then as the foot reaches the end of its stride, the heel waves of recoil rebound, producing on upward force, much like that of a resilient spring.