Australian Open Gear

Graphene is a honeycomb-like construction of hexagonal carbon atoms most easily thought of as a “carbon chicken wire fence”. It is the lightest (a one square meter sheet of Graphene weighs 0.77 milligrams) and strongest (200 times stronger than steel) material in the world, and these qualities make it an optimal material for use in tennis racquets.

Graphene’s high strength means Head can make a racquet as strong, or stronger, with no compromise in structural integrity. By placing Graphene in the shaft of the racquet, Head has been able to take the weight saved in that area and redistribute it to the tip and grip areas of the frame. By placing more weight in these spots, the racquet can generate more kinetic energy during the shot, providing more power with less effort in the swing. More weight in the head allows for a higher swing weight and more “plow through” from the baseline, while increased weight in the handle increases stability from recoil on net shots.