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Head Protector System

The unique combination of the leading racquet, grip and string technologies of HEAD reduces strain on the elbow and leads to significant alleviation of pain.

The Racquet: HEAD Protector MP/OS with Electronic Dampening System (EDS)

Unlike conventional dampening systems, HEAD’s patented Electronic Dampening System (EDS) is an active and electronically controlled system.

High-tech piezoelectric fibers, which convert mechanical into electronic energy, are controlled by a microchip.

HEAD’s EDS recognizes the dampening mode and electronically creates a canceling counter vibration. This reduces shock impact by more than 50% and residual vibrations twice as fast as in a conventional racquet period. This results in significantly reduced stress on the arm with each and every shot.

HEAD EDS reduces initial shock impact by more than 50 % and residual vibrations twice as fast as in a conventional racquet.

The Grip: HEAD Protector Cushion
The grip’s specially developed air chamber is combined with a high-tech elastomer surface to provide excellent comfort and slip prevention, while reducing residual vibration.

The String: HEAD Protector 16
HEAD’s unique RIP technology and advanced materials offer a super soft hybrid string, reducing shock and vibration for great comfort and protection.
High-tech piezoelectric fibres are controlled by a microchip.

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The Electronic Dampening System (EDS)

The grip: Head Protector Cushion

The string: Head Protector 16


Protector racquet with EDS