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Tuesday, October 30, 2012 Add Some [Head] Prestige to Your Game

Tommy Haas Head Prestige

The original Head Prestige Pro came out 25 years ago, and the series has been a favorite of advanced players ever since. For 2012, Head has added a fourth model to the line, giving even more players the chance to add some Prestige to their games. And for those of you feeling nostalgic, the Prestige Pro 25th Anniversary Limited Edition is on sale now!

The Originals - The Prestige frames everyone knows best are the Mid (93 sq. in.) and Mid Plus (98 sq. in.) versions. Made famous by tour players such as Marat Safin, Tommy Haas, and more, these are the ultimate big hitters’ frames. The Mid is the most serious of the two frames - narrow beams (19mm) combine with high weight (11.6 oz. unstrung), a high swingweight of 322, and a low flex of 64 to provide exceptional stability and control for hard-hitting players. A dense 18x20 string pattern helps with feel and control while providing a solid hitting platform loved by advanced players everywhere. Small swings need not apply here!

The MP is only marginally more forgiving, weighing in at 11.3 oz, with a slightly more powerful 21mm constant beam. An 18x19 string pattern and a swingweight of 314 combine with a flex of 63 to once again provide a solid hitting platform (with the accent on “hitting”). A strong player would do well to put both Prestige models on his/her demo list.

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Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro

A Little Help - If you love the Prestige feel and control, but feel you need a little extra pop, the 98 square inch Youtek IG Prestige Pro may be your answer. A more open 16x19 string pattern helps you get the power and spin you may not be able to produce with the tighter patterns of the Mid and MP. The weight, flex, and swingweight of the Prestige Pro are similar to the originals, and the 21mm beam gives a great classic feel.

A "Radical" Departure - In the past, there was no good way to “play up” into the Prestige series. Younger players could use a Radical frame until their games were stronger, and then try to move into the Prestige line. Head has solved that problem this year with the addition of the YouTek IG Prestige S. Its weight, at 10.8 oz. unstrung, is down a full ½ ounce from the Prestige MP, and a full millimeter has been added to the beam widths for added pop. A 16x19 pattern aid in power and spin, and will give a more cushioned feel. A Head Hydrosorb Tour synthetic grip replaces the other frames’ leather model to provide additional comfort and shock absorption. The specs are very close to the IG Radical Pro, meaning good juniors now have a “first step” to the Prestige series control and feel they never had before. Head Youtek IG Prestige S
Head Innegra Something in Common - As with all proper frame series, the Prestige racquets have elements in common. Each model shares smaller head sizes, lower flex levels, and narrow beam widths for control on faster swings. You’ll also find higher swingweights for stability and Head’s CAP grommet system for aerodynamic enhancement and added string protection. This year, Prestige frames also share Innegra fibers for added shock absorption without added weight. One of the lightest high-performance fibers in the world today, Innegra can be used to reinforce the entire structure of the frame without a weight penalty, but with benefits in stability and shock absorption, reducing vibration by 17 percent.

In Conclusion - They didn’t invent the “player’s frame,” but the Prestige line has solidified Head's place as a leader in its design. All of the proper pieces are in place: high weight and swingweight, low flex, smaller head sizes and narrow beams. Head has added Innegra for comfort, and gives the player additional options of head size and string pattern density, along with a new for 2012 Prestige S frame for improving juniors. If you’re a good player (or think you are), Head has a Prestige frame for you.

Demo one today with the Tennis Express Demo Program!

Marat Safin Head Prestige


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