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Monday, January 14, 2013 Get to Know the Head YouTek Graphene PWR Prestige

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A Long Time Ago…: Head originally developed the Prestige line as an advanced player’s frame, using high weights, small head sizes and dense string patterns for stability and control, figuring the player would provide his or her own power. This design made Head Prestige racquets some of the most popular on tour for decades. Playing styles have changed, however, and even tour players are looking for lighter frames with more open string patterns for easier topspin play. Not to be outdone, Head has seen the changes and expanded the Prestige line to serve the needs of players of all levels.

The Big (Tech) Deal: Graphene is the lightest, strongest material in the world (it’s 200 times stronger than steel!), and Head had used it in a very innovative manner in its racquets. Learn more about this remarkable technology here, here, or watch the video on the right.

While leaving the Instinct Mid, Midplus and Pro alone, at least for now, Head has added a new model that will bring Prestige feel and control to a completely new class of player.

Head Youtek PWR Prestige

With the YouTek Graphene PWR Prestige, Head brings Prestige feel and control to a game improvement frame for the first time. Not only is the PWR Prestige the first widebody Prestige frame, it’s also the first one under 10 ounces in weight, and the first extra-long (27 1/3”) and oversize (107 square inch head) Prestige racquet Head has ever made. And, by using Inner and Outer QuadFace technology, Head has lengthened the strings inside and outside the racquet head for an even larger “effective” head size, and even higher levels of power and comfort. Beginning and intermediate level players now have the chance to see what they’ve been missing in control and feel with the Graphene PWR Prestige.

With this model change, Head has completely remade the image of the Prestige line of frames. Graphene technology has added power and stability to an excellent control frame concept, and the PWR Prestige has opened up the line to a new universe of playing styles. Talk to our Tennis Express gear experts and demo a Prestige frame today to see what you’ve been missing!


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