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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Head Crossbow Tennis Racquets

Head has launched their latest technology to the tennis world, the CrossBow, a power loaded technology that features the world’s first and only dynamic bridge racquet construction. Made for players with shorter, more compact swings, the Head CrossBow Racquet Technology uses a suspended bridge from the racquet frame that moves by itself during ball impact.

The racquet can then store energy in both the string bed and the bridge, kinda like a spring or bow. The stored energy is released as the ball shoots off the stringbed, resulting in awesome power in every shot. Also, on the CrossBow racquets, 10 main strings go through the bridge, making the sweet spot much larger. The new CrossBow tennis racquet line features a re-designed Stabilizer Technology to eliminate racquet vibration for more comfort.

There are five new tennis racquets released featuring the CrossBow Technology: CrossBow 10, CrossBow 6, Airflow CB 3, Airflow CB 5, and Airflow CB 7. Check out quick overviews of each racquet below:

The HEAD Airflow Crossbow 3 tennis racquet uses both the Crossbow technology and the design of the Airflow line of racquets by Steffi Graf. The Airflow Crossbow 3, with an updated, sleeker design of the Airflow 3, is still a light weight tennis racquet, sporting both power and control. The maneuverability of the Airflow CB 3 offers an added pop on shots and is great for attacking the net. With a 102 square inch headsize and a medium power level, the Airflow Crossbow 3 offers the most control out of the Airflow line of tennis racquets. Overall, the HEAD Airflow Crossbow 3 is a great game improvement racquet designed specifically with female players' need in mind, emphasizing on comfort, mobility, and feel.

The Head Airflow Crossbow 5, the next generation of the Airflow tennis racquet line by Steffi Graf, offers a balance between power and control. With the female players' desires in mind, the Airflow Crossbow 5 is a maneuverable, comfortable, and spin friendly tennis racquet. With a 109 square inch headsize, the sweet spot is enlarged while players experience an increase in forgiveness for off-centered shots. Players will find a solid response on all shots from all areas of the court, while having an easy time generating pace and spin at the baseline. At the net, the Airflow CB 5 provides enough feel and stability for angled volleys and put-aways. With a large sweet spot, lightweight, and comfortable feel, the Airflow Crossbow 5 tennis racquet is suitable for intermediate players looking for more power with a solid response.

The Head Airflow Crossbow 7 tennis racquet, part of the Airflow tennis racquet line is specifically designed for female players. The Airflow Crossbow 7 is a powerful tennis racquet with a large sweet spot and offers plenty of forgiveness for off-center shots. The light weight makes the Airflow CB 7 very maneuverable and able to generate plenty of head speed on swings. The open 16x19 string pattern allows for plenty of spin potential for players as well as a great solid and comfortable feel. At the net, the maneuverability of the Airflow Crossbow 7 allows for quicker reaction volleys. With great comfort, mobility, and playability, the Airflow Crossbow 7 tennis racquet is suitable for players who are just starting as well as intermediate players seeking spin and power on their shots.

The Head Crossbow 6 tennis racquet offers great spin potential and maneuverability on all areas of the court. The large 112 square inch head size offers a large sweet spot with more forgiveness on off-centered shots. The maneuverability is excellent due to the light weight of the Crossbow 6, providing a great help at the net. The balanced tennis racquet with a medium power level appeals to a wide range of players looking for a comfortable frame. With plenty of power and maneuverability in a lightweight tennis racquet, the Crossbow 6 is ideal for both beginners and intermediate players looking for more power in their shots as well as a comfortable and solid feel.

The Head Crossbow 10 tennis racquet has a large 124 square inch head size and an open 16x19 string pattern that offers great mobility and great comfort. The large head size contributes to a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on off-centered shots, letting the player have an easier time hitting. The light weight of the Crossbow 10 allows for the players to swing with more ease and power. At both the baseline and net, the player is able to generate plenty of power on their shots, adding depth from the baseline and an added punch on volleys. The Head Crossbow 10 is suitable for players seeking maximum power in their shots while having a comfortable feel and excellent mobility.

List of Head Crossbow Tennis Racquets:

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