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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Head Microgel Extreme Tennis Racquets

Microgel Extreme

Out these three Head racquets, the Microgel Extreme is as close to a tweener racquet as you can get. Head combines a large 100 in. headsize and a heavy 11.1 oz. weight with an extended length to create both power and control. This is all possible thanks to Head's Microgel Technology which stiffens and stabilizes the racquet without sacrificing the weight. The open string pattern and wide head increase space for the ball to slide on the string bed to increase spin, another aspect that makes this a great "all-around" racquet. It's even great for elbow because the Microgel material spreads the vibrations throughout the frame. This racquet is recommended for a competitive player with a long and fast swing.

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Microgel Extreme Pro

The Microgel Extreme Pro is the top control racquet in the Microgel Extreme series. The 11.8 oz. weight makes it the heaviest Extreme racquet as well. But thanks to Head's Microgel Technology, which spreads the vibration throughout the frame, there's less strain on the elbow as there is in other control oriented racquets. This racquet has an open 16x19 string pattern and a 100 in. headsize to help create spin on your shots. This is one of Head's top selling player's racquets and is recommended for advanced players looking for more control.

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Microgel Extreme Team

At only 10.1 oz., the Microgel Extreme Team is the most powerful racquet in Head's Microgel Extreme series. The 107 in. overszied head maximizes the power that a player can harness from this racquet. Head incorporated their Microgel Technology which makes the racquet stiffer and more stable without sacrificing weight. The stability and light weight makes this incredibly powerful and is one Head's top selling racquets. The Microgel material also spreads the shock from ball impact throughout the frame, easing pressure on the elbow. Thsi racquet is recommended for beginners looking for a forgiving and powerful racquet.

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