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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Head Microgel Prestige Tennis Racquets

Microgel Prestige Mid

With a 93 in. head size, the Microgel Prestige Mid has the smallest head size of any Microgel racquet. The small head makes it Head's most control-oriented racquet in the Microgel series. The 12.2 oz. weight makes it one of the heavier racquets on the market which adds even more to the accuracy a player can experience with this racquet. Unlike other heavy racquets with small head sizes, it's not going to be damaging to our elbow. This is possible because of Head's Microgel Technology which distributes the vibrations throughout the frame. This distribution gives it a unique feel found only in these racquets. The racquet's low power level makes it ideal for advance players who generate their own power and are looking for a step up in their control.

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Microgel Prestige MP

At 11.9 oz., the Microgel Prestige MP is one of the lighter control-oriented racquets on the market. Although it doesn't offer the same amount of control as its midsized relative, the 98 in. head makes it more forgiving and offers a slight increase in power. The MP version contains a denser string pattern than the Prestige Pro which allows the player to generate more spin on their shots, and will require fewer re-stringings in the long run. Every racquet in the Microgel series offers a unique feel that only Head can generate thanks to their patented Microgel Technology. This racquet is ideal for competitive players seeking a forgiving racquet that offers plenty of control.

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Microgel Prestige Pro

The Microgel Prestige Pro is much like its midplus relative but with a heavier weight and a more open string bed. The 12.1 oz. weight raises the control to a higher level than most 98 in. racquets. The heavier weight also makes the racquet more stable without sacrificing feel, forgiveness or your elbow. This is all thanks to Head's Microgel Technology which evenly distributes vibrations throughout the frame, creating a unique feel and does less damage to your arm. The open string pattern makes the racquet extremely forgiving and responsive for a control-oriented racquet. This racquet is ideal for competitive players looking for control but who aren't ready for a small frame.

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