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Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Head Radical, Dude!

Head Radical Series

With all the new frames Head has introduced over the last couple of years, it would be easy to overlook the tried-and-true Radical line. But aggressive baseline players would be well-served by giving these updated models a try.

History - The Radical line was developed in the mid 1990's when Andre Agassi became a Head endorser. It was intended to be a lighter, easier-swinging alternative to the Prestige series. It’s managed to become a staple of Head’s line since then with a couple of models (the Twin Tube and the Ti.Radical) becoming cult classics.

With this year’s YouTek IG Radical line, Head looks ready to pick up where they left off. Taking 2011’s YouTek design and the advantages of d3o dynamic flexibility and combining them with Innegra fibers, the new Radical frames promise a solid feel with improved stability.

Innegra is one of the lightest high-performance fibers in the world today, as it can be used to reinforce the entire structure of the frame without a weight penalty. It also benefits in stability and shock absorption, reducing vibration by 17 percent.

Andre Agassi Head Radical

IG Radical MP

How Radical Do You Want to Get? Head has four Radical models to stoke the flames of aggressive, modern-game players. The original Radical aficionado will feel right at home with the IG Radical MP or OS. While virtually the same in weight and balance, the 98 square inch mid plus model sports a higher flex and swingweight than its 107 square inch oversize brother, making it a great choice for hard-hitting baseline play. The oversize is more maneuverable for doubles specialists. (By the way, don’t worry about the flex numbers on Radical frames. The dense string pattern on the OS and MP will deliver a firm, solid-feeling string face no matter what tension you pick).

Andy Murray’s choice, the IG Radical Pro, is a great update, erasing some of the weaknesses of previous versions. Beam widths are now a Radical-norm 21.5mm, ensuring that classic Radical feel. Weight is up ½ ounce, giving stronger hitters a shot at Radical performance. The open 16x19 string pattern will help in spin production, while the solid 325 swingweight makes for a solid and stable hitting platform.

Possibly the most interesting model in the new Radical line is the IG Radical S. A 100 square inch head size, sub 10-ounce unstrung weight, low 295 swingweight, and slightly wider beams put Radical performance in the sights of players with slower swing speeds. Younger players will appreciate the opportunity to become “Radicalized” sooner than previously possible.

Andy Murray Head Radical
Head Innegra

In Conclusion - Head has done an excellent job updating the Radical series for 2012. The MP and OS were left largely untouched, save the addition of Innegra, which does a fine job of stabilizing and dampening a fine player’s frame. Stronger players can now take advantage of Radical power and feel with the improved Pro version, and juniors can now join in with the inclusion of the new Radical S. If you play an aggressive baseline game, Head has a Radical for you.

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