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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Racquet of the Week - Head YOUTEK Prestige MP

A smart player develops an all-court game, capable of solid hits no matter where they’re standing. The prefect racquet for this type of play is the Head YOUTEK Prestige MP, which offers superior feel and control. The finesse of the Prestige MP comes from its d30 technology, which can sense the speed of your swing and adjust the racquet’s frame accordingly. If you’re blasting a power shot, you’ll feel the racquet stiffen in accordance. If you’re going for a drop shot or even a slice, that d30 tech absorbs more of the impact for the soft touch you crave. When strung, the racquet is a shade less than 12 ounces, and measures 98 square inches in the head. The 18/20 string pattern adds to the overall sense of stablility and versatility. If you want to check the racquet out in action, take a closer look next time you see Tommy Haas on the court. He's one of many pro players who enhance their game with the Head YOUTEK Prestige MP.


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