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Friday, August 09, 2013 Racquet Review of the Week - HEAD Youtek Graphene Instinct Rev

head youtek graphene instinct rev

Juniors moving up to an adult-size frame have a new best friend: Head’s Graphene Instinct Rev. With almost a full ounce of weight reduction from the Instinct S, the 8.6 ounce Instinct Rev will make for some of the easiest and fastest swinging any young player could hope for, while still maintaining Instinct levels of control. Even with the reduced weight, the other great Instinct features remain: 100 square inch head size for optimal power, spin and control; forgiving and spin-friendly 16x19 pattern; and the perfect 23/25/21mm Instinct beams for controlled power. The availability of a size “0”, or 4-inch, grip makes the Graphene Instinct Rev perfect for smaller juniors to have their first tournament-level frame.

See what our expert reviewer had to say about the Graphene Instinct Rev below!

From the Baseline

The Youtek Graphene Instinct Rev from Head is a great racquet for those looking for lots of maneuverability and easy access to spin in their groundstrokes. The super lightweight and head-heavy set up allows for those aspects to really stand out for this racquet. When it came to power, I felt that this racquet was only average, and I had to work a lot harder to generate pace with this racquet than I have with other models. I also felt like I could be pushed around more than usual with this stick and that it fell short when it comes to plow through and absorbing pace. In other words, I could hit solid spin and slice shots every time, but returning good, powerful shots – and fast serves – was sometimes a challenge.

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sara errani babolat pure drive plus

Serves and Volleys

This racquet was very comfortable and maneuverable up at the net. I felt confident in putting a little more finesse on my shots. However, when blocking back hard-hit balls I felt a loss of control, probably because I’m used to a lighter headweight. I enjoyed serving with this racquet. It was very control and spin oriented, allowing me to generate tons of great movement on the ball. I was able to mix up locations and spin with ease. What surprised me most though, was the power that this frame offered on serves. In large part due to the head heavy frame, I could easily hit through the ball powerfully.


In my opinion, this racquet suits a spin-oriented game style best. The easy access to spin and impressive maneuverability were easily the standout elements of this racquet. It offered impressive feel up at the net, and it had a very low stiffness, making it a great choice for players out there with arm problems. Serving was a big bonus - it performed much better than I expected. However, I found it more difficult than usual to generate pace with this frame. It was also lacking in its ability to absorb shots hit with a lot of speed, making it a better choice for junior players who are still working on spin and control and aren’t yet worried about their power game.

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