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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 You Know You Want It: New Head Graphene Radicals

Djokovic Murray Head

By Matt Locke

The tennis equipment market is chock full of choices. So, what does a brand do to cap off a year in which two of their tour players captured Grand Slam singles victories? Well if you’re Head, the answer is simple. You take the world’s lightest and strongest material – Graphene – and you add it to another one of your wildly popular racquet lines. First introduced on the Speed and Instinct models last year, Head is now expanding their use of the material into their venerable Radical line of frames. The unique strength and weight properties of Graphene allow Head to redistribute the weight of each frame in ways that produce optimum handling and maximum power. However, that is not the only new addition Head has up its sleeve when it comes to the Radical line. Let’s take a quick peek at each model to see which one best suits your game.
Big hitters with long, fast strokes (i.e. Andy Murray) will find plenty to love in the new Graphene Radical Pro. At 10.9oz (unstrung), it is the heaviest model in the line; made for the aggressive player who wants dictate from anywhere on the court. The 98 square inch head size allows it to blend power with precision. Its head light balance makes it quick through the hitting zone, while the increased mass leads to a frame capable of hitting a heavy ball that can push opponents onto their heels. The use of Graphene adds power and provides additional stability. Despite its weight, the Radical Pro is very maneuverable at the net. It is able to handle reflex volleys as well as feather touch volleys on command. The other new addition from Head is their Dynamic 16/19 string pattern. This pattern puts 8 main strings into the heart of the racquet. The result is a pattern that blends the control of a tight pattern with the forgiveness and spin potential of an open pattern. True lovers of the Radical will be happy to see that the Radical Pro continues to be available with the CAP grommet system, adding a bit of extra power and providing a unique feel. Advanced players seeking a frame with tremendous power while still being capable of creative shot making would be wise to give the Graphene Radical Pro a demo once it becomes available.

head radical pro

Head Radical MP

For players seeking an optimal combination of power and control, Head proudly offers the Graphene Radical MP. It features the same 98 square inch head size as the Pro, providing a solid blend of power and precision. This frame comes in a half-ounce lighter than the Pro at 10.4oz (unstrung). This reduction in weight provides a frame that can accelerate rapidly through the point of contact, resulting in a high level of power if a slightly less heavy ball than the Pro version. The addition of Graphene allows the weight to be re-distributed for added stability and handling while keeping the power level high. The frame retains a head light balance, making it easy to handle at the net and very quick feeling on serve. This racquet also utilizes Head’s new Dynamic 16/19 string pattern, yielding a blend of control, spin and forgiveness on every shot. Intermediate to advanced level players looking to build a balanced game will want to try the Graphene Radical MP.

Those wanting to experience the unique characteristics of the Radical line but may have been intimidated by the specs of the Pro and MP in the past, take heart. Head has you covered with the new Graphene Radical S. This version incorporates several features to help it appeal to a wide range of game styles and abilities. The head size grows a bit to 102 square inches, providing a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness on contact. The beam width also gets a bit thicker, resulting in a frame capable of generating more power at slower swing speeds. At 9.9oz (unstrung) it is light enough for a wide range of players to accelerate through contact, while still generating solid pace and depth. It keeps a head light balance, making it easily maneuverable at the net and giving it a fast feel. The utilization of Graphene helps distribute weight to provide additional power while also providing consistent control and stability. Like the rest of the Radical line, this model takes advantage of Head’s new Dynamic 16/19 string pattern. Players seeking a frame with more power and forgiveness while still retaining control and stability should take a long look at the Graphene Radical S.

Head Radical S

HEad Radical Rev

The last model in the new Radical series occupies a unique slot. The new Graphene Radical REV utilizes the 98 square inch head size of the Pro and MP, giving it a controlled string bed that is still capable of a good power level. At 9.2oz (unstrung) it is the lightest frame in the lineup, which gives it an extremely fast feel through contact, accelerating through ground strokes and serves with ease. While many lightweight frames struggle against bigger hitters, the Rev holds a couple of aces up its sleeve. Although it has a lower static weight, it has a higher swing weight than is typical with light frames. This results in added stability and power in a lightweight package. The use of Graphene also keeps the power level up while adding control thanks to its strengthening properties. This frame also moves to a head heavy balance, resulting in added power off the ground while the frame retains its lightweight maneuverability. The Graphene Radical Rev is a unique offering that will appeal to developing juniors as well as those seeking a platform racquet with plenty of room to modify to their desired specs.

With Aussie Open and Wimbledon wins in their 2013 portfolio via Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, Head is definitely not resting on its laurels. They continue to innovate and find exciting ways to blend modern technology with their tradition of excellence. Building on the success of adding Graphene to their Speed and Instinct lines last year, they look poised to make new and old fans of the Radical series happy with their latest lineup. With four different models to choose from, this updated range has an option for every player. Order during our presale and be the first to receive your new racquet when they ship out on November 8.

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