Australian Open Gear Custom Hybrid Stringing

Many players today are using custom hybrid stringing to generate more control, more power and more durability. With custom hybrid stringing, a player selects a string for the Mains(vertical strings) and a different string for the Crosses(horizontal strings). The player can also select different tensions for the mains and the crosses. The combinations are limitless.

Since most players tend to pop the mains more frequently than the cross string, they will usually setup a more durable string on the mains. This will usually be a 15L or 16 gauge string. They will then choose a softer performance oriented string for the crosses that will offer a better feel.

If you desire great playability, then select a thinner performance oriented string for the mains. This will be a 17 or 18 gauge string.

As a rule of thumb, the main strings should be strung tighter than the cross strings. This is the most common set-up by stringers and professional players that will also increase the size of the sweetspot. We recommend that the difference between strings can be about 2-3lbs with a maximum tension difference of 5lbs on stringing hybrids. You can also keep both strings at the same tension level as well.

Here are a few of the professional tennis players that currently use hybrid stringing on their racquets.

  • Roger Federer (Wilson Natural Gut Mains + Luxilon ALU Power Rough Crosses)
  • Andy Roddick (Hurricane Mains VS Gut Crosses)
  • Maria Sharapova (Pro Hurricane 17 Mains +VS Gut 16 Crosses)
  • Andy Murray (Alu Power Mains/VS Team 1.25 Crosses)
  • Andre Agassi(Ashaway Kevlar Mains VS Gut Crosses)

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