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Adidas a3 Energy Management System

Adidas a3 Energy Management System
       The ground can be your launch pad and your secure landing zone. Built for high impact sports, the Adidas a3 Energy Management System provides comprehensive cushioning and control from the initial impact through toe off.

        Every element of the a3 Energy Management System has been designed to help you walk and run in harmony with the ground. Each individual a3 midsole element has a different geometry, and firmness to achieve a specific amount of cushioning, guidance, and drive. This family of shoe is admirable for those who want an extra spring in their step.
         The result? A cushioning system that can propel you forward, cushioning you on impact and guide your foot on the correct path so you can in turn go faster. Most tennis players nowadays are looking for that little something, that extra advantage on the court that will aid them in their victory.


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