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Ashaway MonoGut
ashaway stronger MonoGut is a multi-polymer monofilament that plays like a natural string but wears like a tough monofilament. This type of string is currently used by many of the World's top touring Professionals for this reason. No matter what the court surface or style of play, MonoGut insures excellent playability and outlasts typical Synthetic Gut products when used by hard hitters.

ashaway meaner Two additional special features of Ashaway's MonoGut are the wide variety of product choices and the price. Whereas the current monofilament strings used by touring professionals are priced over $10 a set, Ashaway's MonoGut is priced less than a standard Synthetic Gut. There has never been a tennis string value for hard hitters like Ashaway's MonoGut.

ashaway sleeker
In addition, Ashaway's MonoGut is available in two gauges and one hybrid combination. The products are standard MonoGut in 16L gauge (1.27mm) and tournament MonoGut 17 in 17 gauge (1.22mm). The hybrid product is Crossfire® MonoGut where Kevlar® main strings have been replaced by MonoGut mains.


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