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Axeler technology, tested by the Bio-Engineering Department of Milan Polytechnic, is a revolutionary system from Diadora which essentially facilitates the foot movement and improves the athlete's performance throughout the game.

The System's threadlike frame is made of Tech Alloy, a light, elastic yet strong harmonic steel alloy inserted in the outsole and modelled for optimum ergonomics.
Medial stabilizer created to control torsional stability in lateral displacements, while retaining the shoe’s lightweight and flexibility.
Diadora Duratech consists of a wear-resistant rubber compound assuring a far higher wear-resistance than standard rubber improving traction and increasing durability of the shoe. Duratech soles assure the the utmost durability for that competitive player who needs that extra support and resilience for future games.
diadora duratech technology
Maximum breathability is guaranteed by the air mesh upper + the net skin overlaid which provides good ventilation and protects the air mesh adequately. Thanks to D-SKIN technology, the upper wraps the foot uniformly, reduces power dispersion and ensures maximum comfort.
Anatomically-shaped removable insole with a special anibacterial treatment only found in Diadora shoes. Made with an elastic self-modeling material to ensure optimal cushioning and comfort.

The new Stabil Ergo-Fit has been renewed in the metatarsal area of the foot with a shock-absorbing E.V.A. foam network and in the heel with the introduction of a bowl in hard E.V.A. granting stability and of a red elastomer whcih in turn ensures the maximum shock-absorption.
diadora ergofit technology
Uni Tongue
Self-centering air mesh tongue with a positional stability guaranteed by its side attachment to the upper.
Woman Last
The last is designed specifically to accommodate the ergonomics of the female foot.

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