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Dunlop Aeroskin
dunlop vibrocore technology

Aeroskin is inspired by the shark, nature’s No. 1 predator. Tiny “riblets” are applied strategically to the areas of the frame most exposed to the air during the swing (particularly the shaft, shoulders and top of the head). The riblets smooth the airflow across the surface area of the frame (like an Olympic swimsuit), reducing aerodynamic drag by up to 25 percent to increase racquet speed and maneuverability. “Sharkskin” swimsuits were ruled too fast for swimmers; try Aeroskin and see how fast your shots can become! Featured On: Biomimetic 100, 200, 200 Plus, 200Tour, 200 Lite, Max 200G, 300, 300Tour, 400, 400 Lite, 400 Tour, 500, 500 Plus, 500 Tour, 600, 600 Lite, 600 Tour, 700 and Black Widow.


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