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Dunlop HM6 Carbon
dunlop vibrocore technology

Using a revolutionary new manufacturing process, Dunlop has designed high modulus carbon fibers into a hexagonal, or honeycombed, structure, like a roll cage on a Formula 1 race car. This HM6 Carbon material is placed between layers of Aerogel -enhanced carbon to create an incredibly stable construction. The six sides of the honeycomb absorb and distribute vibration and shock better than a linear graphite layup, while enhancing feel and comfort with minimal power loss from frame distortion. Featured On: Biomimetic 100, 200, 200 Plus, 200Tour, 200 Lite, Max 200G, 300, 300Tour, 400, 400 Lite, 400 Tour, 500, 500 Plus, 500Tour, 600, 600 Lite, 600 Tour, 700 and Black Widow.


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