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Gamma TNT 2

In 1994, Gamma revolutionized the racquet string industry with the introduction of Gamma TNT strings. Gamma TNT was the first synthetic string that players could “feel a difference”. Different from any other synthetic string they had used before. What did those players feel? They felt the ball jump off the strings; experienced more power with less effort, less shock and greater ball control!


gamma tnt2 technology

1. New second generation Thermal Nuclear Technology
2. New Elastilon 2 polymer
3. New colorful, eye catching packaging

1. More power with less effort. The ball “jumps off the strings”
2. Less shock prevents arm problems
3. Maintains tension and lasts longer

Gamma’s TNT² Technology provides the greatest combination of power and control offered in a premium tennis string. This new second
generation Thermo Nuclear Process allows for greater dynamic elasticity and string bed deflection to cushion the impact and and harmful shock from the ball.

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