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Prince EXO3 Technology

prince exo3

Every player, whether amateur or pro

knows what is feels like to be in zone. When everything clicks and you can't miss. The sweet spot seems huge. Solid service returns, crisp volleys, running forehand winners. You are hitting better shots on every ball-taking your game to the next level.

What is prince exo3?

EXO3 racquet design utilizes large holes and string suspension to deliver racquets with the largest hitting area on the market.

How does it do this?

Strings are liberated from conventional, restrictive grommet holes, allowing the strings to respond more freely-even at the outer edges of the frame.

What does it provide?

A larger, more functional hitting zone in any head size giving all players the opportunity to hit better shots, mor often. Now, even off-center hits feel and respond more like dead-center.

prince exo3

prince exo3

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