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Prince Speedport Tuning System
The STS system is truly the first of its kind, and it has already taken the tennis world by storm!
The new line of Prince O3 Speedport Racquets includes both the Black and the Tour which incorporate new Speedport O3 technology into a thin beam with a smaller head size and player weighted frame. They also provide elite players the opportunity to personally customize their racquets through the new Speedport Tuning System (STS).
string port insert view sts5
string port insert view
string hole insert view
STS was created by Prince to give players two different feels from the same racquet. When you purchase one of these frames, you'll also receive two different grommet systems. One grommet has more conventional string holes, which result in a more traditional feel, while the soft grommet lacks string holes resulting in a different more open feel. In the second grommet system, the strings are allowed to move more freely resulting in a much wider sweetspot. The customizable port inserts can be found around the frame at the 3, 9, and 12 o’clock positions.
In addition to the STS, the Black has larger Speedport holes for a more aerodynamic frame and a faster swing speed. Used by touring pros like the Bryan Brothers, advanced players will also enjoy the incredible feel and touch due to the open string pattern and easy access to spin.


One can fine-tune the feel of one's racquet with the STS system by allowing players to match the sound and feel of the racquet to their playing style and preference. Purchase one today and finally play with a racquet customized specifically to your game!




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