Australian Open Gear

Yonex Dual Power Structure



The new aerodynamically-contoured upper section of the racquet head reduces air resistance, and allows a crisp follow through. It also gives the ideal amount of head flex to store the power and hit the ball with maximum speed.


"Matrix C60" for lighter and higher repulsion power.

Yonex uses a combination of 0.7-nanometer fullerene carbon fibres and 7-micrometer carbon fibres, taking advantage the fullerene fibres unique ability to form a high-quality molecular bond with the carbon fibres. The Yonex nano-science process concentrates more fibres in the lower third of the head and throat to provide the ideal stiffness for high stability, high repulsion and maximum return of energy to the ball.

The channel at the side of the shaft is a new structure to prevent torque at impact. This channel helps to make a thinner but stiffer frame, so full power is transferred directly to the ball.

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