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Strings » Reels » Super Smash Spiky 16L 1.27 Reel

Item #: KIRSSS16LR

KIRSCHBAUM Super Smash Spiky 16L 1.27 Reel

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Players who want power and control with added spin potential will enjoy stringing with Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 16L. This polyester monofilament provides tremendous control and a crisp response on contact. It uses the same basic formula as Super Smash, which gives players the control they need to take big, confident swings at the ball. The addition of a patented texture adds impressive spin to the mix. The specially designed angle of inclination on the spikes ensures maximum bite on the ball for tremendous topspin and slice capabilities. The 16L gauge diameter provides a mix of both feel and durability to players. Frequent stringers will find excellent value and lower their cost per string job by purchasing the 660 foot reel option. Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 16L is an excellent string for players who want control, power and excellent spin production.

Construction: Polyester monofilament

Color: Natural

Gauge: 1.27mm

Length: 660’ reel

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KIRSCHBAUM Super Smash Spiky 16L 1.27 Reel Find the Kirschbaum Super Smash Spiky 16L at Tennis Express! This 660' reel offers all the power of Super Smash, plus added texture for max spin and bite. Category: EMPTY Product #: KIRSSS16LR Regular price: $105.00 $ $95.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!