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Lacoste tennis was founded by Andre Gillier and Rene Lacoste in 1933. Andre was the owner and chairman of France’s largest knitwear manufacturing firm at the time. Rene was a French tennis player and businessman who acquired the nickname “crocodile” because of his on-court persistence. His relentless nature carried over into his brand, which has become one of the biggest names in men’s fashion today. Rene’s nickname was the inspiration for the company’s crocodile logo which is often incorrectly referred to as a “gator”. Products manufactured by this company include high end clothing, footwear, and accessories.

The company is most famous for their tennis shirts which are often referenced in pop culture and have a strong following outside the tennis world. The typical Lacoste shirt is a polo made from light knitted fabric, one solid color (usually white), and sports the crocodile logo. The Lacoste polo is a staple for every prep’s wardrobe. Placing a brand name on the outside of an article of clothing is something that Lacoste originated and had never been seen before prior to 1933. The company’s polos were originally produced in white only, but now you can find them in a variety of shades including black, yellow, blue, striped, and more.

In 1963, Rene Lacoste invented the first steel tennis racquet which gave way to the models we see today. About ten years later Rene invented the damper used on the company’s steel racquets which absorbed vibrations and in turn improved accuracy. Before the organization’s racquet era ended and they started to focus more on apparel and shoes, they had one last hoorah. In 1988, Rene came up with the Equijet racquet which had a unique shape that combined the benefits of both large and small head racquets. Guy Forget used this racquet to win the 1991 Davis Cup.

This organization’s shoes are often imitated, but never duplicated. Attention to detail and the highest quality materials are put into every shoe they put out. Like all other products the company sells, you can find the crocodile logo slapped on the side of their shoes.

The biggest promoter of Lacoste tennis is Andy Roddick – he’s essentially an ambassador for the company. Roddick’s youth has helped bring a younger generation to the company’s front door. The trend between his arrival and more crocodile polos showing up on the streets is no fluke. Lacoste provides tennis players with high end style and comfort.  All Lacoste tennis products are great on and off the courts!

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