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LOBSTER Elite Model 2- Battery Machine


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The Lobster Elite Model 2 offers everything the Elite Model 1 does with one amazing difference - a triple oscillation feature. While almost all machines sweep randomly from left to right, the Elite 2 oscillates vertically, giving you short or deep shots in a random pattern. For even more realistic play time, combine both vertical and horizontal oscillation functions to throw balls throughout the entire court– left, right, short, and deep. The Elite 2 is the machine that will challenge all aspects of your game, not just groundstrokes. The Lobster Elite 2 also features up to 50 degree lobs to practice your overheads, speeds up to 80 miles per hour to improve your reaction time, and heavy top or back spin for practicing returns. The Elite 2 is fully equipped to challenge all of your strokes, improve your reaction time, and advance your foot speed agility. With the triple oscillation feature, the Lobster Elite 2 is a great buy for a minimal increase of cost over the Elite Model 1.

Battery included.

If you think your game will benefit from better oscillation features, find out more about the Elite Three model. For more information about Ball Machines or Tennis Balls, check out our Tennis Express Buyers Guide!

Specifications: Oscillation: Random, Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal & Vertical | Speed: 20 to 80 mph | Ball capacity: 150 | Feed rate: 2-10 seconds | Power: battery (4-8 hours) | Elevation: electronic 0-50 degrees | Weight: 44 lbs. | Spin: top, back

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LOBSTER Elite Model 2- Battery Machine Buy the Lobster Elite Model 2 from Tennis Express right away! Category: EMPTY Product #: EL02 $ $1,419.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
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