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MUELLER Mueller Taping Kit


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The Muller Taping Kit is a versatile, compact kit for athletic events, the workshop, camping or vacation trips, and general purpose needs. The kit contains 3 rolls of Athletic M-Tape, 1 roll of Foam Underwrap M-Wrap, 1 roll of Tear Tape, and 1 tape cutter. The M-Tape conforms and provides frim support to ankles, wrists, and hands. The Foam M-Wrap protects your skin from athletic tape and great for holding pads or socks in place. Tear tape is a lightweight elastic adhesive tape that requires no clips. The tape cutter makes the entire tape removal process alot easier. The Mueller Taping Kit is great for players needing an all-in-one product for recovering from injuries.

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MUELLER Mueller Taping Kit The Mueller Taping Kit contains all you need for sport injuries. The Taping Kit contains M Tape, M Wrap, and a tape cutter for an easier time wrapping. Category: EMPTY Product #: 430645 $ $10.99 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!