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New Item MUELLER HG80 Wrist Brace


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The Mueller HG80 Wrist Brace is lightweight, soft, and features a wide range of technologies to offer top of the line support and comfort. With permanently bonded antimicrobial barriers, the HG80 Wrist Brace provides protection against odor causing bacteria, fungus, and other microogranisms. The HG80 Wrist Brace features two sets of flexible steel springs over the top and bottom of the wrist to provide double protection and firm support. The base sleeve has a stretch panel to allow easy positioning while the adjustable outer tension strap secures the brace in place for a comfortable fit. The Mueller HG80 Wrist Brace is an excellent choice for players who are agressive and active, and need the extra support and protection. Fits right and left handed players.

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MUELLER HG80 Wrist Brace The Mueller HG80 Wrist Brace features technologies to provide protection against future injuries. The HG80 Wrist Brace has two flexible steel springs for a firm support. Category: EMPTY Product #: 7461 $ $24.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!