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New Balance N-Ergy 2.0


Supportive Cushioning:

Thanks to a new asymmetrical three-chamber design, New Balance N-ergy now provides a unique supportive cushioning experience as it compresses upon impact, heel-strike after heel-strike. For additional pronation control, the inner chamber is reinforced with an addition al stabilizing element made of Dupont's Hytrel.


N-ergy delivers a highly responsive ride by reacting to your individual running style. It compresses upon impact to absorb heel shock, then rebounds to its original shape for maximum responsiveness.


The three asymmetrical chambers are made of highly resilient thermoplastic urethane while the inner chamber is made of Dupont's Hytrel. Together, the three components of N-ergy provide supportive cushioning even after extensive use. In compression tests, N-ergy was 2.5 times more resilient than EVA foam, which is commonly found in shoes.