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The Oncourt Offcourt Forehand Fixer helps players of all ages develop a forehand stroke that utilizes both arms.Too many players incorrectly hit forehand groundstrokes with an isolated arm motion and their shoulder as the center of rotation. Through scientific studies, we understand that the entire body must work efficiently as a unit to hit an optimal forehand, a stroke wielding maximum power and control, yet without excessive effort. Along with ground forces (bending in the knees), body rotation is the key to a better forehand. The Forehand Fixer guides beginners to feel the correct biomechanics right from the start. Intermediates looking to improve will also gain a faster feel for the correct swing. It will also reinforce the right technique for advanced players. The Oncourt Offcourt Forehand Fixer is a great tool for coaches and for players looking to improve their tennis game by developing the proper strokes. Instructions are included.

For more information on Tennis Training Aids or Tennis Balls, check out our Tennis Express Buyers Guide. The Oncourt Offcourt Forehand Fixer is just one of the many tennis teaching equipments available.


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ONCOURT OFFCOURT Forehand Fixer The Oncourt Offcourt Forehand Fixer is a great training tool to help players develop and improve their forehand groundstrokes. The Forehand Fixer is easy to use and works great for players of all levels. Category: EMPTY Product #: TAFF $ $27.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!