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New Item PACIFIC X Cite 1.30/16 Tennis String Pearl


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Powerful baseline players seeking control and comfort will appreciate Pacific X Cite 1.30 and its PolyCite construction technology. Rather than linear polymer chains, this string utilizes a multi-dimensional chain for improved flexibility and elasticity, resulting in greater energy return and a softer, more playable feel. The result is that X Cite not only delivers added power, but a larger, more comfortable sweet spot as well, making it a perfect option for big-swinging baseliners. Our testers were pleased with the combination of power and durability from the baseline while maintaining tension and performance throughout the life of the string.

Gauge: 16 (1.30mm)

Length: 40 feet

Composition: Multi-dimensional Chain Co-polymer

Color: White Pearl

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PACIFIC X Cite 1.30/16 Tennis String Pearl Order Pacific X Cite 1.30 tennis string at Tennis Express today! This co-poly string provides a combination of power, comfort and durability. Category: Polyester Product #: PC20980011:SET $ $17.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!