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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Smell like Federer with his "Feel the Touch" Fragrance

Like most great athletes, Roger Federer has put his fame to use in other areas besides the court including operating his own charitable organization for youth sports, the Roger Federer Foundation and since 2003, he has had his own cologne known as RF Cosmetics line.

Now you can get Feel the Touch cologn exclusively at Tennis Express. Feel the Touch is a fascinating new fragrance for men that contains essential oils and herbal nuances, blended with a hint of green tea for the natural character of the fragrance.

Be one of the few to sport this fragrance and since the Fed Express is one of tennis' players with a huge female following, it might even help attract that cute woman on the court. Its smells classy and it's not too strong like other cologns.

So, check it out at Tennis Express. It would make a great christmas gift this year as well.


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