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PLAYMATE Genie Ball machine


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The Playmate GENIE is a powerful tool for teaching tennis. Equipped with a sophisticated control panel, the GENIE is able to simulate realistic game situations with up to 7 shots. Groups of students can practice drills such as groundstrokes, approach shots, or lobs to 2 lines, feeding the balls every 1½ seconds. If you are practicing at home, you can throw 2 ground strokes followed by an approach shot followed by a volley followed by a lob, or whatever variation you can think of, the GENIE can do it.
Retail Price: $6,945.00

Features of the Playmate GENIE

- 7 Distinct Programmable Shots
- 7 Shot Delays
- Programmable Random Shot Sequence
- Great For Enhancing Ball Recognition Skills
- Upgradeable and Interchangeable
Accepts ALL Controllers
- Holds 300 Balls
- Variable Topspin and Backspin
- 7 Position Programmable Electronic Direction with Programmable
- Random
- Variable Electronic Height
- User-friendly Controller
- SERVE LIFT Friendly (sold separately)
- 2 Function Remote Control (On/Off with drill reset)
- 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty

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PLAYMATE Genie Ball machine Get the Playmate Genie Ball Machine from Tennis Express today! Category: EMPTY Product #: GENIE $ $6,945.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!