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Item #: POLYHEX125R

Sale Item POLYFIBRE Hexablade 1.25/16G Reel Tennis String

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For players seeking extra spin with a softer feel, the Polyfibre Hexablade 1.25 features a hexagonal profile for additional ball bite and spin generation. This string features SMD (Standardized Molecular Distribution) technology, which creates a highly specialized crosslinked network for increased durability and elasticity. The manufacturer claims that Hexablade will undergo a notching phase quickly, but that this is by design and after the initial notching phase, the strings will effectively lock into place, reducing movement and increasing overall durability. The relatively high elasticity of this string allows it to be more comfortable and forgiving than other geometric polyester offerings. Our playtesters loved the added spin and noted that it did play slightly stiffer than other Polyfibre strings, but Hexablade was one of the softest shaped strings they had tried. Recommended for players seeking extreme spin from a comfortable, powerful string.

Construction: Co-polyester monofilament
Color: Blue
Gauge: 1.25mm
Length: 660' / 200m

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