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The flagship product, Polyfibre Viper 1.20 offers greater spin potential and feel but slightly lower durability compared to the 1.25mm version. This is one of the softest playing co-polyester strings on the market. Engineered using the SMD (Standardized Molecular Distribution) technology, the string is realigned into a highly bonded, selectively crosslinked structure. This allows Viper to outperform other strings in the areas of elasticity, power, and durability. The string's surface is coated to provide extra durability by reducing friction as the strings slide across each other. The increased allowance of string movement effectively increases the string spacing at impact for greater spin potential. Our playtesters found that this string was surprisingly soft on their arms and enjoyed the extra power and versatility as it had enough feel to play around the net as well. Polyfibre recommends stringing Viper 2-4 higher than a basic polyester due to the increased elasticity.

Construction: Co-polyester monofilament
Color: Silver
Gauge: 1.20mm

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