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Taking advantage of a new polymer core, Polyfibre Cobra 1.20 is a surprisingly soft polyester based string, offering a comfortable feel at impact. By applying a prestretching step during manufacturing, the tension maintenance is enhanced, ensuring that performance remains consistent over the life of the string. Utilizing a unique rippled surface, Cobra features hundreds of distinct grooves, further assisting in spin and power generation. Maximum kinetic energy is stored and then released upon contact, ensuring a comfortable, powerful response. To the player, this makes for a string that generates a good amount of power with little effort, allowing great control. Recommended for players seeking a softer playing polyester string with power, feel, and comfort. Polyfibre recommends increasing tension on this string by 2-4 pounds compared to a normal polyester string due to the increased elasticity.

Construction: Co-polyester monofilament
Color: Tan
Gauge: 1.20mm

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