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Amazing flexibility and elasticity in a co-polyester string is finally available in the Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.30, clearly setting it apart from other polyester based strings. This string features a thermo coating to significantly enhance the durability and tension maintenance of the string, ensuring that it remains at maximum playability for longer. Poly Hightec is an excellent all-around string that is surprisingly easy on the arm, making it a good choice for a wide range of players. Polyfibre suggests increasing tension on this string by 2-4 pounds compared to a basic polyester string. This suggestion is due to the incredible elasticity of the string, which results in the comfortable feel and good power.

Construction: Monofilament Co-polyester
Color: Yellow
Gauge: 1.30mm

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POLYFIBRE Poly Hightec 1.30/16g Tennis String Purchase the Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.30/16g tennis string today and feel ultimate control. Try the Polyfibre Poly Hightec 1.30 now and blast your opponents into the next dimension. Category: EMPTY Product #: POLYHIGH130:SET Regular price: $9.99 $ $7.90 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!