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Item #: 7J520-110

PRINCE Lightning XX 16g Reel 660`

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Stepping up performance from their classic synthetic gut, the Prince Lightning XX features a new Powerfoil braid for additional response off the stringbed for players seeking a bit more pop. The Powerfoil band actually serves two purposes in this string, the first being to act as a microspring for extra power at impact. The band also serves as a barrier to friction burning, which effectively increases the durability. This string is designed for players that like a crisp feeling string, but want a bit of additional power. Lightning XX features a monofilament core with outerwraps in addition to the Powerfoil braid. This results in a string that feels like a popular classic synthetic gut while giving more response and power. A solid performing string for all styles of player.

Construction: Monofilament core + outerwraps + Powerfoil band
Color: Clear
Gauge: 1.30mm

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