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Specially designed for use in Prince’s new ESP line of racquets, the Prince Tour XC 15 Tennis String Yellow polyester provides maximum control while also possessing incredible durability. The monofilament construction of this string results in excellent durability and power. The highlight of Prince Tour XC 15 is its high molecular weight outer coating. This coating creates an incredibly low friction surface, resulting in increased levels of control and spin. A low level of friction ensures that the strings are free to against each other, resulting in a high level of spin potential. The increased spin potential allows for more margin and greater control over shots. The 15 gauge is thicker than the other Tour XC gauge options, which means it will be the most durable while offering slightly less spin and playability. Prince Tour XC 15 is a quality choice for players seeking a highly durable, control focused string that still provides ample power and spin.

Composition: Monofilament Polyester

Color: Yellow

Gauge: 1.40mm

Length: 40'

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