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Prince EXO3 Technology

prince exo3


Prince’s EXO3 technology is re-writing the laws of Physics. When a racquet and ball make contact energy is diffused-causing players to lose some of the important attributes that make a great shot: power, precision, comfort, and touch. EXO3 changes all that by capturing more energy, at impact before it is wasted and channeling it back into the ball on every shot resulting in a blend of power, spin, and comfort with impeccable feel.

All EXO3 racquets dramatically reduce frame vibration by up to 50%.
All EXO3 racquets enlarge the sweetspot by upto 83% over traditional racquet construction
All EXO3 racquets provide players with unmatched stability for up to 26%.
All EXO3 racquets generate up to 25% more spin compared to racquets designed with traditional construction.