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Friday, July 26, 2013 Racquet Review of the Week - Prince EXO3 Warrior DB Team

PRINCE EXO3 Warrior DB Team Tennis Racquet

Designed with spin in mind, the Prince EXO3 Warrior DB tennis racquet delivered did not disappoint – this racquet has diabolical spin! With a rare string pattern of 14 mains by 18 crosses and Prince’s patented EXO3 technology, anyone looking for a spin friendly frame should consider the EXO3 Warrior DB a top candidate.

Net Play & Serving

Because of the large hole grommets that help generate spin, the racquet also moves through the air with much less resistance, providing greater maneuverability that was really noticeable. Serves and volleys were easier to get to, so I had more time to set up great angles at the net even with reduced reaction time. The open string pattern sometimes prevented me from placing the ball with the feel and precision that I’m used to, but still provided that great spin on kick serves and really allowed me to get unusual bite on the ball. In addition, the slightly head heavy balance allowed the racquet face to accelerate through the service motion for additional spin. In fact, spin was almost too easy to access at times, making touch shots a little more difficult. Power was adequate, though control could be slightly improved.

PRINCE EXO3 Warrior DB Team Tennis Racquet

baseline tennis

From the Baseline

Hitting ground strokes was simply a blast with this racquet – it was a challenge just to see how much spin I could generate on the ball. And with only moderate amounts of power, I could put the ball fairly deep into the court. However, I found placing the ball unusually tough, probably due in part to the spin getting a little out of control. The midplus, 100 in2 headsize also detracted a bit from the control in my strokes, since I’m used to playing with a smaller headsize. The feel on this frame is interesting – at times it popped perfectly, but at other times it vibrated through my hand a little too much. Due to the combination of spin, bite, and the string suspension inserts, this racquet produced quite the variety of sensations up my arm, and it was slightly less dampened than I would normally like. However, the despite having too much feel at times, the balls came off the racquet cleanly and effectively. The Double Bridge technology at the top of the throat of the racquet helped to cut frame vibration a lot, but I could have used just a little bit more dampening, personally. 


To sum up, Prince’s EXO3 Warrior DB Team tennis racquet is an excellent, spin friendly frame. The power and maneuverability are also shining attributes, but the feel was too lively for my liking. If you’re looking for tons of spin on serves and groundstrokes without reduced power in a midplus frame, this racquet is an excellent option.

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prince EXO3 Warrior DB Team Tennis Racquet


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