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Friday, October 11, 2013 Spin-a-Holics Rejoice, Prince ESP Technology Is Here

Prince ESP Technology

By Matt Steverson

Prince has gone through a “re-boot” of their entire product line for 2013 and 2014. Abandoning their “one size fits all” strategy, Prince has begun to think more about the challenges a player has when selecting a new racquet, strings or grip, and has positioned their new products to make those decision easier.

Prince has retained their EXO3 technology for the players who like it, and has enhanced several of their new frames with a brand new technology called ESP. “ESP” stands for “Extreme String Pattern,” a more open and aggressive string face designed to increase spin by up to 30%, providing the player with a higher net clearance (greater margin of error), and a heavier, more penetrating shot. The ESP design varies according to the model series, from a very widely-spaced 14 main/18 cross pattern in the new Premier 115L ESP, to an even more aggressive 14 main/16 cross design in the Premier 105 ESP, Warrior 100 ESP, and Warrior 100L ESP. You’ll find a more symmetrical 16x16 pattern in the new Tour 100T ESP. Each model is unique in some way, and warrants its own description.

Premier 115L ESP: Replacing the EXO3 Silver 115, the Premier 115L ESP is Prince’s largest and lightest offering for 2013, bringing a super-oversize 115 square inch head size together with an ultra-light 8.9oz. (253g) weight. A 7-point head heavy balance places the bulk of the mass where you need it most for powering off baseline shots, and the ESP 14x18 pattern will allow for more spin production than ever before in this series. Bringing the length back down to a traditional 27 inches lowers the swingweight to an easy-swinging 282, meaning improved response in quick doubles exchanges. A 27/30/27mm beam design reinforces the Premier 155L ESP as a lightweight power racquet player’s dream.

Prince premier 115L

Prince Premier 105 ESP

Premier 105 ESP: The “Red” series has long been one of Prince’s most popular, and the Premier 105 ESP is set to enhance its reputation once again. A lot has stayed the same: a 105 square inch head size, 9.9 oz. weight, 27.25” length and classic 23/25/23mm beam taper put the Premier 105 ESP squarely in the tweener category of a perfect power/control compromise. The ultra-open 14x16 ESP string pattern, however, transforms the Premier 105 ESP into a spin machine like never before, allowing its player to take a bigger, faster swing at the ball and still retain control thanks to its extra ball-grabbing ability. Prince Red series lovers will be able to take their games to a new level with the added control and penetration the Premier 105 ESP provides.

Warrior 100L ESP: Replacing the EXO3 Tour Lite for 2013, the Warrior 100L ESP brings added spin to an ultra-maneuverable frame. A 9 ounce weight (very low for this category), combined with the very aggressive 14x16 ESP string pattern provide added spin and control for players who like to take a big rip at the ball with a low-mass frame. Biting serves, groundstrokes and drop shots await the Warrior 100L ESP player and anyone looking for an ultra-light tweener frame for singles or doubles play.

Prince Warrior 100L ESP

Prince Warrior 100 ESP Blog

Warrior 100 ESP: The Warrior 100 ESP is a brand-new model in Prince’s 2013 line. Sporting the same head size, beam widths, 27” length and mega-spin producing 14x16 ESP string pattern as the Warrior 100L ESP, the standard Warrior 100 ESP adds over an ounce of weight for players who hit (or play against) a heavier ball. Mass adds stability and comfort to a frame, and the Warrior 100 ESP promises a smoother, more solid ride along with the ESP-enhanced spin for more advanced, bigger-hitting players.

Tour 100T ESP: Advanced players like spin, too, and Prince hasn’t forgotten them. The new Tour 100T ESP brings added spin to a better player’s stick. A more symmetrical 16x16 ESP pattern provides a more consistent feel across the string face that stronger players will appreciate, while still increasing spin production. A solid 10.6 oz. (300g) weight increases stability on returns of bigger shots, and a head light balance increases maneuverability from the net and baseline. A lower flex and EXO3 technology increase ball pocketing for added power, comfort and spin from a narrow-beamed frame. The Tour 98 ESP is another option for more advanced players, offering significant weight and optimized control.

Prince promises more to come from their exciting new line for 2014, but these new frames should generate plenty of excitement this year. The Tennis Express demo program is ready to serve you with Prince’s new models for 2013, and the benefits they bring deserve a test drive by players of all levels.

Prince Tour 100T and 98 ESP


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