Australian Open Gear

Racquet Specs

  • Head Size: 95 sq. in. MP
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: Strung — 11.8 oz Unstrung — 11.3 oz
  • Tension: 45-55 Pounds
  • Balance: 12 Pts Head Light
  • Beam Width: 20/22mm
  • Composition: Graphite / TeXtreme
  • Flex: 59
  • Grip Type: Resipro
  • Power Level: Low
  • String Pattern: 16 Mains / 19 Crosses 
  • Shared Holes: None
  • Main Skip: 7T, 9T, 7H, 9H
  • Swing Speed: Fast
  • Swing Weight: 318

Prince TeXtreme Tour 95 Tennis Racquet Review

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Prince has consistently delivered unique innovations and high quality tennis products over the years. Although the brand has changed hands in recent years, this commitment remains intact. The Textreme Tour 95 is a precision instrument for strong players who want to maximize control and feel. Originally an aerospace product, Textreme is added to the throat and hoop and allows Prince to add more carbon fibers per square inch, yielding greater control and a stronger stiffness to weight ratio. Here’s a look at how the technology stacks up on court.

On groundstrokes the Tour 95 exhibits supreme control and precision. I was able to hit all my spots on command from either wing and could go for aggressive targets with full confidence. I found the racquet’s sweet spot adequate for a 95 inch head and the racquet had a consistent, clean feel even on off center shots. Feel is a definite high point for this racquet. I felt well connected to the ball on every shot which continued to increase my confidence on every shot. The racquet’s 11.8oz strung weight offers good mass behind the ball but I did find the racquet to be a bit low powered. Players with sound mechanics who can supply their own power will have no trouble hitting heavy, penetrating ground strokes on both sides. The head light balance gives the racquet a fast feel and I found it easy to accelerate through contact and ratchet up the spin. The 16x19 pattern offers a blend of spin production without losing its focus on control. The weight also provides excellent defensive skills as I was able to absorb pace without the racquet wobbling. The fast feel also helped get the racquet to the ball and through contact when on the run.

Volleys & serves
Players who want to attack at the net will see a lot of positives with the Textreme Tour 95. The smaller head and head light balance make the racquet ultra maneuverable. I found lightning fast reflexes during quick exchanges and never felt sluggish with it. The weight provides put away power for high volleys and creates the stability to block back big passing shots. Feel on volleying is outstanding. I was always confident in what the ball was going to do off the string bed and I was able to mix in drop and touch volleys at will. With excellent maneuverability and the feel to execute a wide variety of volleys, this frame is a powerful tool for net savvy players.

Serving with the Tour 95, much like other strokes is an exercise in precision. The small head and excellent feel provide outstanding control when serving. I was able to move the serve anywhere in the box and keep opponents guessing. While the lower power took a little bit of pace off of flat serves, there was still enough mass to create heavy serves to could keep opponents from getting too aggressive. The whippy feel provided good acceleration for adding spin to serves. I was able to utilize kick and slice serves to continue moving opponents out of position. I enjoyed the 16x19 pattern as it offered enough spin to create good movement but it retained enough control to direct that spin to the right area of the box.

The Textreme Tour 95 is going to be a fan favorite when it comes to feel. It offers a well connected feel without ever being harsh or raw in feedback. It has the feel of a flexible frame, with a bit more energy return than is typical with lower RA racquets. The feel affords players with high confidence from all areas of the court. I found no issues with comfort and players of all sensitivity should have no problems with it.

Players yearning for more classic offerings will want to take a long look at Prince’s latest offering. It provides the precision and response of classic player frames but offers it in an easy to swing package that creates solid spin and power. All court players who want to hit precise targets and attack the next ball should be on cloud 9 with the Prince Textreme Tour 95.

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke currently serves as the Junior Programs & Development Coordinator for USTA-Idaho and is an active USTA League and Tournament player.