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ALPHA Viper MXT Synthetic Gut 16 White

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An advanced solid-core synthetic gut, Alpha Viper MXT 16 provides a surprising combination of feel and precision. The central core of the string provides a crisp response as well as solid tension maintenance for lasting playability. Surrounding the core is a layer of smaller filaments designed to give Viper MXT that extra forgiveness of an improved sweet spot. The MXT technology is what makes this string unique from other premium solid-core synthetics as the coating reduces friction between the strings, allowing them to return to position more easily after contact. As a result, not only is durability improved but also the spin potential. While the construction may seem simple, the surprising performance makes it a great fit for players of varying abilities. The Viper MXT 16 retains playability throughout the life of the string and provides a crisp, all-around response.

Composition: Solid Core with Speckled Friction Reducing Outer Wrap

Color: White

Gauge: 16G/1.28mm

Length: 40 ft

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