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Prokennex Ionic

prokennex ionic

The Ionic technology adds on to the famed Kinetic technology by adding a JETRON fill to the chambers. JETRON is an inelastic composition of ionizing carbon structures used as a coating to the Kinetic mass and chambers, creating a completely clean and a unique feel of pure atomic energy for players.


An electrostatic charge is produced by the Kinetic system during movement, causing Kinetic mass particles to cling or repel each other and to the capsule walls. The electrostatic condition inhibited the full potential of the Kinetic system. Thus by utilizing the IONIZERS, the electrostatic charges are eliminated. The anti-shock IONIZERS are electrically powered to produce a bulk of positive and negative ions. The charged surface attracts the appropriate amount of positive and negative ions from the IONIZER to become neutral. The result is the complete freedom of movement in the chambers, up to 56% more efficient than the Kinetic System.